Huey the Crap Cat

There are good cats and there are crap cats, but even a crap cat is a good cat.

It’s not going to be the same here at the Sheridan House without the Huey Reign of Terror. The leapings and the bitings interspersed with the irresistible neediness of lovingcute. Life was a lively business with Huey setting the tone.

We have a free and open house and Huey can come cuddle up with whomever he likes, so even in my dreams I was never sure I was safe.

I will sure miss the krampus.

Look at my separation anxiety even in the throes of Stockholm Syndrome about the little bugger. I have taken to my bed. I want him to stay but I also want him replaced with Huey 2.0 without the mental illness.

Na. We will take the bitter with the sweet.

We adopted him. 

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