There is a limit to how clean thirty-year-old cushion covers can get.

This is the limit.

That dark stuff is permanently affixed to the vinyl or maybe it is part of the vinyl — I don’t know. The zippers are seized up, and the whole assemblage smells like mold.

Someone is going to cut them off and start over with new clear vinyl, at $3/yard, pictured in the bolt. Over that will be new sheets, since all we will ever do on the boat is sleep and read our phones. Maybe watch movies. That is very popular on boats.

No need for that stylin’ upholstery from the seventies, even if I do admire the pin cord that I don’t intend to make. I could if I wanted to.  JoAnn’s Fabrics has all of the latest gadgets, and bias tape makers do abound.

But I think I will be more modest about a boat that costs $500.

$500 in boat and $500 in cushions. That sounds like a reality check in boat situations.

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