We don’t have a life.

We have a boat.

I warned David about the situation of boats. If a boat is treated right, she is an all-encompassing obsession. She is EVERYTHING.

You can’t have a boat like this if you have other stuff that is real in the modern world.

The previous owner of this boat, Justin Hirsch, in my opinion, had too many things. There wasn’t enough of him for all those other things and this boat.

This boat is a diamond in the rough. She is a masterpiece waiting to happen. She is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for greatness in the yacht preservation world of the Pacific Northwest.

I can hear Justin’s wife now, She is a piece of junk that I want out of the yard.

When I went to look at her for the first time at Justin’s yard, I could see these animals leaping around piles of wood in his acreage.

I grew up with goats, so I know what goats are like. These were funny-looking goats. I thought maybe they were some exotic breed from Asia or something.

I asked Justin about the goats.

“Those are sheep.”

Sheep! Who has sheep?

So we poked about and he showed me all the really nice stuff about the boat and how expensive it will be to haul out of there and fix up. He did warn me. I was in an ecstasy of infatuation at the prospect of owning a Spencer, the highest level of local yacht building there is.

As I came to find out, there is yacht building and there is keeping out the rain, and the two need to ideally coincide over a sixty-year stretch. 

And Justin has too much going on in his life to be overly concerned with the niceities of living on a project boat when he is able to live in a house with a wife and a great big pile of sheep.

I called DIBS on the boat as I walked away in the fading light, still confused about his taste in livestock.

Man, how is he going to milk those sheep?

IMG 0374

Here is David dealing once more with the insanity called WOMAN. He was a week away from the finalization of his divorce when he stepped into this one.

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